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a person whos name - first or last, includes -if in it, (such as Iftymi or Ifden) who tends to intimidate people with angry looks or verbal/physical abuse and uses it to their unwillful advantage.
Phil: Yo, did you talk to Iftymi about her anger management?

Mike: Well I was going to, but then she got all angry and threatening before I could and I got iftimidated.

Phil: Ahh balls bro, what a whore....
by Bored_97 February 01, 2010
Someone who has an unusually large head as compared to the average size and is in the shape of a yeti's mountainous head.

Also may refer to Matt Moskal's head who had a similar headshape to the abominable snowman, who starred in "The Bridges at Toko-Ri".
Sebastian: "Yo, have you seen Matt anywhere?"

Mike: "Nah dude, I haven't seen that Yeti-Headed bum all day...."
by Bored_97 February 01, 2010
Someone who thinks they're the best and ONLY them. They frequently act like everyone is below them and in arguments never admit that they are wrong due to the damage it might do to their ego.
They hardly laugh, thinking that laugh is for the weak and the only time they do is when it is to laugh at someone.
In their minds they are "the best" and that they "know best".
A possibility of this behavior is due to sexual frustration.
Arin: Yo, this lighter sucks man let me use another one.

Vladislavian: What are you talking about?!?!?! This lighter uses NASA fuel!!!! It probably costs more than your car!!!

Arin: Dude, there's no way they put NASA fuel in this shitty lighter.

Vladislavian: They do!! I know best okay?!?! You wouldn't know 'cause you're not like me!!!
by Bored_97 February 01, 2010
A VERY lame dance move, most likely used by someone who doesn't know how to properly dance.
It involves the "dancer" to walk around with their legs wobbling around like they have no knees, thus giving it a spaghetti resemblance.
It frequently scares the female population, although most females don't want to admit how horrifying it is in case it hurts the "dancers" feelings.
Mark: Hey guys!!! Check out my spaghetti legs!!!!

The Crew: Oh God......(Looking away in embarassment and hope that it will stop before anyone else sees)
by Bored_97 February 01, 2010

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