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A remarkably short schlong; the oppsite of a shlong.
"That's not a schlong," she laughed. "That's a shlort!"
#schlong #shlong #stub #stubb #stubby
by Boreal Badger July 10, 2008
A facial tissue or square of bathroom tissue screwed into a tapered spiral (resembling the blending stick used by pastel artists), which is used instead of a finger to excavate a nostril (for reasons of hygiene or disposability).
She: "Eew! I can't believe that you're using a snot snail in front of me!"

He: "OH? Would you prefer it if I used my finger to get out the booger? Or if I used yours?"
#booger #mucus #mucous #snot #nosepicking #sneeze
by Boreal Badger July 10, 2008
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