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1 definition by BooleanGate9878


n. A synonym for someone who tries to win everything on Facebook by liking pages and/or forcing his friends to like it.

v. Rizwaning.

adj. Rizwanated, Rizwanish,


acronym for a compound Rizwanium Dioxide; made from Chutane and Chutyl alchohol which produces a pungent smell when reacted with any Amine.
Hot chick: "Hey! Wanna come over to my place tonight?"
Someone: "I see you as my sister. I will burn in hell if i kiss you. My grandpa once caught me watching porn and he'd beat my ass so bad that i started suffering from erectile dysfunction. now all i th-"
Hot chick (under her breath): "Fcukin Rizwan!"
by BooleanGate9878 October 28, 2011