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The best answer you can give to anything!
Me: What's up?
You: idk

Me: I love you!
You: idk

Me: *Sexes you*
You: idk
by Booisme April 27, 2008
A worthless emotioncon. Like :u and such.

Can only be used in front of y. (see example)

There is also only one in existence.
Boo: He:y
WTF: Hey, cool worthless emotioncon! =D
by Booisme April 26, 2008
It's a face that's mouth is open, it has no real meaning. It's the opposite of =\/
Guy 1:How are you?
Guy 2:=/\
Guy 1:That bad huh?
by Booisme July 26, 2008
Another name for a bra.
Smap: I'm a bra!
Boo: :O
Smap: WEAR ME! >:O
by Booisme April 26, 2008

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