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2 definitions by Boohoohoo

A Craftsteak is when a guy is getting ready to have sex with a girl, and right before penetration he whips out a well sharpened steak knife and swiftly slices off a small slump of her pubic hairs, placing them carefully in his pants pocket. Then, upon ejaculation, he pulls out, depositing his semen, along with the cluster of pubic hair, across her face.
"Man, I could really use a Craftsteak right now, and I'm not talking about the restaurant."
by Boohoohoo August 17, 2012
work of the devil. the most awful dangerous piece of shit money can buy. depreciates faster than a green peanut filled turd.
i just got a daihatsu!! ah man, you just bought a piece of shit. word on the street it was the devils personal joke to mankind to bestow utter shitness masquerading as japanese quality built by toyota prisoners on a budget of their own recycled shit.
by boohoohoo October 17, 2011