5 definitions by Boogie

where broke fat men go to buy their clothes when they aint got a job or a low payin job and they need to shop at wal mart cause they broke ass niggas

where cheap dudes go to get their girls presents when they aint got no damn job or is broke
dang did you see his new shirt , it cheesy as hell , he got it at wal mart, poor broke nigga
by boogie February 23, 2005
a slut who is always getting fucked Smash ( fuck ) box (pussy)
I'd love to smash her box
by boogie January 07, 2004
A cardinal sin of "guys night out".
Spicy Ray cock blocked me by telling the bitch I was married with two kids at home.
by Boogie February 14, 2004
A place where low income broke scum go to to get clothes
where poor little childern go to get their clothes cause mommy the bad whore and daddy the loser cant get a good job.
he used underwear from salvation army
his family was so broke as a child he had to go to salvation army thats where daddy took his poor fat little son cause the daddy was broke
by boogie February 23, 2005
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