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Whenever you are piss-pound drunk and you are aware of how fucked up you are but yet you have a sense of self satisfaction and accomplishment an feel nothing short of phenomenal. Your sloppy but you feel super.
John: Fred, you look pretty hammered buddy? You doing OK?

Fred: Fuck man, I'm sluper!
by Boogida August 20, 2011
A Wroner is when an erection is inspired at an inappropriate time or at a time when a person would not expect to have wood. Hence the name "Wroner" (for the layperson, Wrong + Boner= Wroner) For example if one were to get a firm-on while watching two men have sex, or watching a snuff film, or even something non sexual like eating lunch this is considered a wroner.
" Johnny got a wroner watching his sister in her two-piece out by the pool today, classic!"

"Dude when I heard about those people dying on that train, i looked down and to my surprise I had a wroner! I need to see a doctor man"

" Bob you're staring at this man intently with a wroner, down boy down!"
by Boogida August 19, 2011
Term used to describe a person who has a larger than normal nose. People tend to avoid these large noses out of fear of getting hit by them.
" Wow, that girl had a rockin' body, but damn did she a have some horn nose."

" Steve you should get work done on that horn nose so someone might actually find you attractive."
by Boogida August 01, 2009
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