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hiding out somewhere instead of doing your job during working hours
Tony..."Where`s Marty?" Jack..."The boss just left for the day so he`s probably out fucking the dog"
by Boobird September 21, 2009
When someone or something causes a person to obsess anout them or it 24/7.
Mike : "dude , what's wrong?" Johnny : "this chick really has me......it's like she's a part of me 24/7......like she's in my DNA!"
by Boobird July 27, 2011
A person who NEVER spends any money , always cries poor-mouth , and always reinforces the "cheap jew" stereotype. This person need not be Jewish. This person always has an excuse when it's time to share the expenses yet will be the first one in line for a handout. This person is a miser who usually has more money than everyone else.
Nebojsa found a cup from the fast-food place in the trash can and is using it to get free refills.........what an Old-Skool Jew......
by Boobird June 05, 2011
To wear some of your finest clothes when you are going out
so you can make an impression.
Danny...."We are going to Jack`s party tomorrow and there will be a huge amount of hot women there". Pete...."I don`t know about you guys but I am Going Fancy"
by Boobird July 01, 2009
Totally aggravated AND frustrated at the same time.
Johnny: "This bitch is playin` me like a violin" Paulie: "Dude ,you sound completely aggrastrated."
by Boobird May 26, 2009

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