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n: The word Midge is derived from midget. This slander is to indicate that the person bestowed the title (1) is of short stature and
(2) is weak or helpless
(3) possibly an individual who is a disturbance, hinderance or enjoys complaining.
The Midge may also be very adept at manipulations.

The classic Midge may be characterized by Margaret from "Dennis the Menace"
"My little sister is a real midge. She's always whining for help..."

"That kid that kept crying was being a %#@*ing midge!"
by Bon Jabb April 06, 2006
After the rise of the term "owned" amungst multiplayer-gaming communitees the subsequent "pwned" was coined within prevelant multiplayer circles. The term is to bestow a level of dishonor upon its victim suggesting that the loser was owned in such a way that "it skipped the o and went straight to the p!!" However the existence of further slanders such as "qwned" and "rwned" are purely fictional.
"we pwn all u noobs!!1"counterstrike 4/1/2006

"Maybe today I'll pwn enough noobs to raise my rank in the server from 3 to 1"-'I hate yuo myg0t (pwned)' @www.worldspace.nu/flash/pwned.html

by Bon Jabb April 04, 2006

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