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2 definitions by Bomdiggity!!!

a state of excitement when a football fan creates a high pitched scream while the ball is on the appropriate side of the end zone; a joyful burst of excitement. Usually marked with a negative, annoyed, or spastic connotation.
Guy 1: "Man, why'd you have to go to the ear doctor?"
Guy 2: "Oh, I was standing by girl in a Sakyiwaa last friday"
by Bomdiggity!!! September 24, 2010
1. A go hard who is up there.
2. When a person overuses trend words such as "go hard" and "up there" within phrases usually with the word "right?" attached at the end.
Because you go harder than me right? Girl, quit tryin' to pull a Parris!
by Bomdiggity!!! September 24, 2010