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That part of Connecticut that is a suburban hellhole, a middle-class nightmare. It includes any place with easy access to Interstate 91, and/or Interstate 95 from New Haven south. Patheticut spawns upwardly-mobile yuppie scum who go north to Vermont for a second home or vacation, and then ruin that place as well. People from Patheticut act like crabs in a basket - as soon as one gets near the top, another will grab its dangling lower exremity to pull itself up, thereby pulling the other down. The only way to get out is to crawl over someone else.
Every summer my wife drags me down to Patheticut to see the in-laws. All they talk about is money, shopping, commuting, and the country club. Chip and Buffy try to impress us with their fancy talk about yachting and golf. Ewww...Patheticut. Get me out of here!
by Bolton Outlaw January 16, 2008
Anger. The building pressure of intense and focused anger finally overcomes the best efforts of containment, repression, and self-control. Rage. The inevitable and imminent eruption of loosed anger is foreshadowed by purpling of the face, flaring of the nostrils, arteries bulging in the neck, and eyeballs popping out of the head. These symptoms indicate that someone is about blow a stack. It's what happened when a student shit in Mr. Sparaco's desk drawer (7th grade). It's best to leave immediately if one is on the business end of a blown stack, otherwise very entertaining to watch. Origin from the steam engine era, when a mistakenly capped chimney stack would finally rupture from pressure in the furnace.
Doug placed thumbtacks on the substitute teacher's chair, causing him to blow a stack when he sat down on them. I heard it from across the hallway!
by Bolton Outlaw January 19, 2008
A marijuana cigarette, but a fatty. Named for Bob Marley, a big fan and promoter of the herb.
No twigs yo - roll a fat marleybone, so we can all enjoy!
by Bolton Outlaw January 16, 2008
These are the gray hairs that live above your sideburns, usually the first gray hairs to appear on a man that is destined to grow into Male Pattern Baldness. Temple grays frame the face, and in the early years can be described as distinguished, or senatorial. Temple grays are an indicator that worse is yet to come, and commonly precede the formation of the skullet, and flesh yarmulke, or cul-de-sac.
Younger Student One: Mmmm...my prof Roger looks so handsome with those temple grays, I think I want to mount him.

Younger Student Two: Better do it quick - before he grows one of those skullets!
by Bolton Outlaw January 16, 2008
The roman senator is synonomous with male pattern baldness. So named because the remaining hair resembles the garland sometimes worn by roman senators. There is no skullet; the bald spot on top is totally formed and prominent, and it is surrounded by a corona, or crown, of hair that has not yet fallen out. There is no widow's peak in front either, it has completely succumbed to baldness. Most closely related to the cul-de-sac.
George Costanza, of the TV show Seinfeld, is sporting a roman senator.
by Bolton Outlaw January 16, 2008
Commonly a teenager, usually male, who dresses the part of a snowboarder but has no skills. Everything in their kit matches and is expensive; often adorned with unnecessary trend items like bandanas. A snowboarder who accessorizes like a teenage girl. Their gear resembles a costume - in a lineup they might resemble one of the Village People.
It's the weekend - the terrain park is stacked with sparkletarts from Patheticut and Dirty Jerz. Let's blow it off and hit the trees.
by Bolton Outlaw January 16, 2008
A marijuana cigarette that is very strong, so strong that the result is one can no longer speak properly. Usually a joint filled with skunky bud - the sticky icky.
Forget that twig - get your kind bud and roll a fat
by Bolton Outlaw January 16, 2008
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