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The most painful shit you've ever taken in your entire life. Only happens one time.
We heard bloodcurdling screams coming from the men's room. At first I thought someone was getting raped, butt-fuck style. But the screams stopped suddenly. After two minutes, Evan VonderLuftwaffennschwarzteneggar emerged from the stall, beating his chest in fury and pain. His beat-red ass cheeks told me that there was only one possible explanation: his dumpsteak. I mosied on over to the toilet. Sure enough, what did I behold? A dumpsteak. Bigger than I had ever seen; full of thumb-tacks, raisins, and coated in a thick film of blood.
'Ouch.' I thought to myself. I made a mental note to never return to Kosta's Greek Diner. And my upper lip trembeled at the thought of passing a dumpsteak as large as Evan's.
by Boguniecki January 06, 2007
The ultimate bliss, found in something that one would not normally find bliss in.

Uncle Smee: "Holy sheeeiitt! That pimple popped soo well! I'm in wakanini bliss!!!!"

Olmstead Willis: "Oh my god. Yo that shit was sick. Clean up my god-damnned mirror you fuck-up."
by Boguniecki January 06, 2007
when somebody gets shitfaced drunk and starts getting emo.
Campbell drank like 8 forties and started weeping and listening to Dashboard Guise. Maw-fucka was emocrunk as hell!!
by Boguniecki January 06, 2007

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