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1. Refined and understood, not easily confused for something else. 2. A design style that uses ornamentation and solid lines. 3. A paid assassin of the Catholic Church who enjoys the hunt and kill.
1. That is clearly Olmstead. 2. The layout utilizes an Olmstead approach. 3. Father O'Leary grew tired of criminal Lutherans, so he hired an Olmstead.
#assassin #proud #refined #vendetta #design style
by Trixie Giancarlo August 27, 2008
n--The greatest and most powerful wizad to ever live. Like Gandalf, but better.

adj--Posessing more magical prowess than Gandalf, Dumbledore, Merlin, and Tim combined
Olmstead beat Merllin at chess yesterday. No one was surprised.

That kid is a genius! He's basically a prospective Olmstead.
#gandalf #wizard #dumbledore #tim #merlin
by PTH^2 May 24, 2011
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