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The Coolest Phone in the entire history of existance, the chameleon phone is a phone which, when rung, starts singing 'Karma Chameleon' by culture club, accompanied by a bug on a harmonica. Briefly featured on a BT advert and, due to popular demand went on sale at the Gadget Shop.
'dude, i just bought that Chameleon Phone of the tv for like, £120'
by Bodmin Zer0 November 16, 2003
A Kind of Blue Landline Phone
He Has A Binatone! (loser)
by Bodmin Zer0 November 15, 2003
A band that i would like to think are good, but are sadly, crap. They Have great vocal and instrumental potential, but for one flaw, ALL THEIR SONGS ARE JUST THE SAME FEW WORDS REAPEATED OVER AND OVER untill any meaning they had is dead lost and spat on. and for all you people who dont belive me, just listen to 'violence fetish' which is plugged as their 'greatest song' for a perfect example of how repetitive they are.
im not saying nu metal is anything but meaningless and repetative, but disturbed exell in both of those feilds.
by Bodmin Zer0 December 18, 2003

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