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A telephone or other telecommunication device that is stationary and connects to the network via traditional wiring. Wiring can include old telephone lines and fiber optic wiring. Device usually plugs into a wall jack.
"Dude, my cell's not working. Can I borrow your landline?"
by mahka42 December 02, 2005
(slang) Home telephone number in a rural area.
Our farm's landline is (334) xxx-xxxx.
by Brian November 26, 2003
The opposite of a grenade launcher, but still is ugly.

The awkwardly skinny ugly chick in a group of hot girls.

Simailar to a grenade, but skinnier.

As mentioned on Jersey Shore by Pauly D.
Pauly D - Man, Ronnie is over here hooking up with grenades and landlines.

Guy - I had to take the landline last night, but I got a hot chick later, so it's cool.
by kostovetsky July 31, 2010
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