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A UK term for a person who is cross eyed or has a lazy eye. i.e. boss eyed
The gozzy cow had one eye looking at me and one eye looking for me!

Clarence was one fucking ugly gozzy lion.
by BobtheBlacksmith June 13, 2006
A turd, a firm stool.
I've just had the 4 minute warning, I'd better go and drop some Ethiopian paratroopers off at the pool otherwise I'm going to soil my strides.
by BobtheBlacksmith July 16, 2010
The rumbling of your stomach and feeling in your bowels that lets you know that you're going to take a dump in the very, very near future. A four minute warning is also the amount of time the UK public would get between the start of a nuclear attack and the first impact.
Christ, I've just had the four minute warning. Find me a toilet quickly or I'm going to shit myself.
by BobtheBlacksmith July 16, 2010

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