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The term, "Piss Sack" refers to an artificial bladder, affectionatley known medically as a Colostomy Bag, which can be worn strapped to an inner thigh, or worn outside the body for effect.
The term "Piss Sacker" refers to a particular wearer of this device - one who has nothing wrong with their urinary control functionality, but rather a person who is not keen to allow the disruptiveness of standing up and walking to a near by toilet interfere with their every day routine. Particularly beneficial when binge drinking.
Person 1 - Fuck me mate, we've only had three pints and I'm already on my second piss....
Piss Sacker - You have an absurdly weak bladder (he he he)!

1 Hour later.......
Person 1 - Look this isnt funny anymore - This is our 17th pint and you havn't had a piss yet. Whats going on? Are you some kind of piss sacker?
Person 2 - Yes.
by BobbyDazzleWazzler December 21, 2005
Noun - Grog-man-oyg-an-oyd
Pouch in which the male's testicles are suspended outside the body - also refered to as Beadles fist, scrotum, sac, ball bag and nutsack.
That bird I pulled last night played too rough with my Grogmanoiganoids so I punched her in the fallopean tubes till mung butter came out.
by BobbyDazzleWazzler December 14, 2005
An invisible aerosole canister containing a substance, which, on instant contact with the skin gives you exemption / immunity to most of the common viruses and diseases that all gay people have.
Can be used optionally with a hissing sound from the mouth.
For most effective use, spray liberally over your entire body including in your belly button and around your peehole.
A man enters a gentlemens lounge. The room is dark and slightly dingy, but he carries on unfalteringly to the bar to order himself some refreshment.
On his approach, there is no barman in sight - however as he nears ever closer, he spies a particularly homosexual looking ginger haired, midget barman dressed in leather biker clothes and high heels, lurking below bar height, masturbating to a little portable television. On closer inspection, the dwarve is watching an episode of Diffrent Strokes, with the screen seemingly stuck on repeat of a particularly amusing 5 second clip of Gary Coleman dancing topless.
As a precaution, the gentleman takes out his invisible canister of Gay Spray, and applies an aggressive covering over his entire body, making precise and accurate hissing noises each time our heros finger is depressed on the invisible canisters button.
by BobbyDazzleWazzler December 21, 2005

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