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Japanese code word to signal the beginning of the attack at Pearl Harbor. Means "Otaku Atacku Oahu"

"The Japs is b0mbz0ring us!"
by BobbyBill$ December 07, 2004
Informal title of the skinny bitch that won't shut up. Given the title Flailing Arms Girl becuase of the lateral swinging motion of her arms when she is ranting. Known for incredible stupidity and being excessively loud. See also Susan
"Man, look at Flailing Arms Girl go, she's dumber than a bag of assholes!"

"Sometimes, hearing the thoughts of others is such a chore, and I'm like, GO AWAY TELEKINESIS!"
by BobbyBill$ November 29, 2004
Those who encounter him are rendered deaf and speechless within seconds. Often asks very intrusive personal questions within moments of beginning the coversation. Speaks at 120 decibels, even when you're 5 feet away. Creature to be avoided at all costs, especially when looking AutoTrader magazine. Lisps constantly.
"YOU got a EXCURSHUN?!?"
by BobbyBill$ November 30, 2004
The rarest genetic condition known to man. A person suffering from C.S. siphons the bad luck out of an area and displaces it to himself. Often good to have around on Friday the 13th. Also cursed with extremely bitchy/money grubbing dominant girlfriend. Girlfriend is also most commonly described as a Susan
"Shit, he fucked up his leg, but I just found 10 bucks, that's a severe case of Chet Syndrome."

"Man, his girlfriend is a money grubbing whore, he has such a horrible case of Chet Syndrome."
by BobbyBill$ November 30, 2004
Acronym for Flailing Arms Girl. Often used as a derogatory term for an annoying bitch. See also Susan.
"Man, F.A.G. won't shut the fuck up today, I'm gonna slap her bitch box back to Canada."
by BobbyBill$ November 30, 2004

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