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3 definitions by Bobbaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy

There are two definitions to this term.

1. As your partner is pooing, start motorboating their butt cheeks.

2. You have your partner laying on thier back. You poo on thier stomach. Then you take one flab of skin and put it over top of the poo. Then you take another flab and fold it over the first flab of skin. Then you have sex with the poo.
1. . . . So I turned her over and as soon as she crowned I began mudflapping her.

2. She was a big woman so I started mudflapping her.
by Bobbaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy June 23, 2011
1 4
There are two defintions for this term.

1. A man puts his balls in between his legs.

2. You shove an assortment of fruits and or vegtables into your lovers asshole or vagina and then eat them.
1. I will bend over and show you my fruit cup Maurcie!

2. Jessica lie down and let me give you a fruit cup!
by Bobbaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy June 22, 2011
7 13
A person poops into the vagina and then eats it out (preforms oral sex on the vagina).
Well, instead of going into the toilet bowl, we just did a medium rare.

I was hungry for steak ok?
by Bobbaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy June 24, 2011
1 9