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Grosse Ile is a little island no one cares about. Its just far enough from Detroit to be considered nice, but as we all know everything flows downriver. there is never anything to do there so locals drink and smoke away the day. If you don't have an MIP you're a social outcast who smokes alone in your basement. The detective can turn into a deer. There are more deer then people, and at least a million rabbits. Every year, everyone over the age of 13 goes to "Island Fest" completely wasted. No matter how drunk you are, it's still not fun. Everyone knows there are only 2 police on patrol at a time so if you see them both, you can do whatever you want. Busting mailboxes is a high schoolers pastime. We have 2 bridges but the free ones a piece of shit and constantly needs repairs forcing everyone to pay 3 dollars to get off and back on the island. Our football sucks but people still go to watch it. All the middle schoolers go and stand on a hill during the game and socialize while the high schoolers plan the afterpartys. even though a celebration wont be needed considering they never win. just another excuse to get shwasted. Its a pretty fucked up place and I wouldn't recommend going there.
Have you ever been to grosse Ile?

No, and I never will


I dont want to get drunk and chase around deer, so I dont see a point to going to Grosse Ile
by Bobanator July 12, 2008

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