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a place or state of economic prosperity and happines
"Afta I get the big bonus my boss promised I'll be in fat city"
by Boba June 23, 2004
several swears mixed together in a group from blind rage.
This game is so crafunckinnigbast and so are you!
by Boba October 17, 2004
Verb. To enlarge, inflate.
"She'll probably get hitched when she gits enbiggened"

"She certainly has an enbiggebed opinion of herself"
by Boba June 22, 2004
a hoopty is a car with very big speakers -ALWAYS metal flake paint (lime green usually). 4 dr. '95 Lincoln is a classic example. sometimes Lowered, may bounce, 19 or 20" rims. Back window has large letters tht are difficult to read as they are in old english -all caps.
"My posse dissen me cause my hoopty be dragging. Know what I'm saying"
by Boba June 21, 2004
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