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1. A half Ruskie half terrorist.
2. Gringo wanna be.
3. Damn Ruskie
4. Bloody Ruskie
5. Lettuce killer
6. Because we can hater
I'll give you a bloody example of what ever i want!
by Bob Hope III June 18, 2004
When everyone pays for certain things like health-care. That way, ass holes who smoke or throw there life away dont have to pay fo it any more than any-one else.
France is where to go if you want to screw yourself and make others pay the consequences.
by Bob Hope III January 09, 2005
1. As you can read by the previous entries, a state filled with a bunch of people who need to act neglected and mis-understood over the internet to make themselves feel good. Also, a state filled with people who leave a deffinition practically identical to the last 8 deffinitions.

2. One of the best bands ever.
1. I'm from Alabama. Read me whining about how everyone steriotypes us! Wah! feel bad for us! Waaaaaaaaa! I'm gonna go on Urbandictionary and define it as a misunderstood state even though no one cares and 5 people already defined it as that!

2. Alabama is one of the few remaining highly popular bands that plays the old country.
by Bob Hope III April 03, 2005
a presedent, who while sky-rocketing tax rates on all classes, encountered many terrorist attacks to which he did nothing, kept the economy good, had sex with an inturn, before lieing about it under oath, which is a fellony, became the first presedent in over 100 years to be impeached, did nothing of what he said he would do after his first election, somehow got people to belive him again, and gave pardens in exchange for money twords his library, his second fellony.
clinton is a liar and a criminal.
by Bob Hope III December 30, 2004
Something I hope will not come. Halo was great, Halo 2 sucked. You shoot somone in the back of the head and they dont notice you for 5 seconds with a fully auto gun (no exaguration) and nothing happens. Then he finally notices, turns around and kills you in 2 seconds with a sword.
Halo 3 should not happen
by Bob Hope III February 16, 2005
A channel for news that while for the most part is slightly tilted to the right, is till the closest thing to a fair and balanced news channel. There is a reason why they control so many of the most popular cable T.V. news shows.
I watch Fox news because it is the most fair news i have ever seen.
by Bob Hope III March 25, 2005

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