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Euphanism for any sexually explicit act by those connected to the armed forces of America. If one rips his BDU pants, and walks around watch with cock flopping, he just "Patriot's Choiced" the floor. Alternatively, if a troop has fornicated with a female, he is said to have "Patriot's Choiced" her. Lastly, if a troop is caught SCIFterbating, it could be said he was "Patriot's Choicing" himself in the bathroom.
1) Hey Blue Water?! Why is SAG drooling over at you in the section? Are you Patriots Choicing again? Cover that shit up man!
2) I got drunk off Purple Nurple, and Patriot's Choiced an oriental whore in my Transmaro
3) You hear about Petey? That mother fucker went Section 8. Crazy fucker was Patriot's Choicing, 8,9, up to 10 fucking times a day. Had orders to Hawaii too man...
by BLUE_WATER November 14, 2011
SAG stands for "Slut Faced Army Girl," and is a scandalous female employed in America's armed forces. Although the name mentions army, it could be any female connected to military service that eschews her assigned duties in order to Patriot's Choice, or generally sexually harrass any male, (or female) in her vicinity.

She commits such acts as throwing office supplies at your crotch, then blaming you for grabbing her or some shit when you point out that that fucking hurt. Another tactic is to bend over during important briefs and meetings in which national security is at stake, exposing her thong (if shes wearing any) or cleavage, then insinuating that shes being sexually haraased by men that look, guaranteeing a 4 fucking hour long brief on why all men are rapist pigs.

She has no fucking job, at least none that she actually does, and other than morale, tits, and a smile, is utterly worthless as a member of the armed forces, yet is responsible for up to 87,000 wasted hours spent in briefs that denounce all men as perverts every year, destroying command productivity.
1) Hey Blue Water, why is that army girl here? shes been over here throwing shit at your crotch for 9 out of the 12 hours weve been here. Are you Patriots Choicing? Hide your balls before we get blamed for that SAG's behavior.

2) You comin over for the BBQ this weekend man? Naw, I cant. Just got an Email that because SAG showed her tits during the brief with the foreign dignataries, we have a Command wide 8 hour brief on why no means no, and how all men are alcoholic rapist pigs that need to wear their god damn reflector belts.

3) Boss--Hey, go give this info to the day shop.

Troop--Whose the day shop?

Boss--that SAG over there.

Troop---The one that has never even turned her computer on during my whole tour? The one that flashed the SWO and got us all 4 hours of Sexual harrassment couseling? the one that was caught patriots choicing 8 marines in the galley closet, yet still has not had even a single LOC?

Boss--Yes Airman, that one.

by Blue_Water November 14, 2011
The act of degrading a female during intercourse. Most common is when your boys run in high fiving you, and you continue to high five while continually pile driving said female. Other methods include screaming bizzare phrases such as "This is Sparta!", power bombing her, or really any type of shenanigans. Bonus points if you finish, and she doesnt call the police.
1) I hooked up with Carla Jean last night. As I was giving it to her, my buddy Enrique ran into the room, High Fiving me, and screaming our unit slogan. Of course I kept going.I engaged in "Wombat Combat"
by Blue_Water November 14, 2011
An STD one acquires which generally results in ones gentalia becoming deformed, hideous, and often unrecognizable. Essentially, your dick takes on an incomprehendable alien appeareance, comparable to that of a bizzare alien rock from the fucking moon.
Man, I hooked up with that girl from Burger King. Too bad I didn't wrap it, and by monday my equipment looks like contraband from Apollo 11, and itches hellaciously.I think Darla gave me Moon Rocks.
by BLUE_WATER November 14, 2011

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