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(Short for conversational octopus)

Conoct: An extremely annoying person who is always butting in, or as I like to call it “spreading their tentacles” into conversations happening around them. A good example of this is when you’re in the backseat of a car with someone and while you’re talking to him or her, they keep trying to participate in the conversation up front as well….
: what just happened?
: conoct, Phil, conoct….

: look at Nancy over there… she is literally trying to participate in eight conversations.
: what a conoct….
by BlueEyedNerd December 07, 2009
stands for Pissy Man Sydrome (in men)

refers to a man's "time of the month"

or can be used whenever a guy is just being plain pissy!
joe: hey man, wanna go grab some beers with me and ben?

sam: you idiot!! it's "ben and me" not "me and ben" frakin fag!!!

ben: what's his problem?

joe: oh nothin, he's just got PMS... it'll pass..
by BlueEyedNerd August 25, 2009

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