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A serious financial screwing involving a large sum of money. The victim is usually subjected to infernal bureaucracy and/or irrational and unethical corporate practices.

Those who commit economic sodomy have some of the same traits found in serial rapists and serial killers: Ruthless, self serving, narcissistic, psychopathic, sadistic thinking/ideals/behavior.

This heinous crime is often perpetrated by big corporations, financial institutions, their representatives and affiliates, the legal system and all of its minions (attorneys included), unscrupulous medical practitioners, insurance companies, towing companies, shady repairmen of all trades, various government offices and scores of self proclaimed "experts."

The perp(s) may, at any time, be in collusion with your psycho ex, your baby's mama, your backstabbing kinfolks, or your criminal accomplice. The perps often work together behind the scenes and will cheerfully gang bang you without warning.
Recently, citizens of south Louisiana were economically sodomized by the oil industry.

LaSonya put me on child support and that ain't even my kid! I gotta get a DNA test so I don't get economically sodomized!

Denny's had my car towed for no reason, now I got to pay $1500 to get my car! That's economic sodomy!

The doctor told me I had appendicitis; turns out it was just gas! He was gonna economically sodomize me!
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by BlueDingo June 24, 2011
An emvoyeur is an intrusive, disrespectful employer who has an unhealthy, abnormal desire to invade the privacy of employees.

Two types:

1. A perverted entity (person or company) that places hidden cameras in the restroom, break room or areas of the workplace.

2. A despotic entity (person or company) that wants to know every little detail of your personal life and will spy, snoop, eavesdrop, use electronic surveillance, run unnecessary background checks and credit checks and/or assign ambitious bootlicking colleagues the task of picking your brain in order to obtain information that is none if their damned business.

Many emvoyeurs are both perverted and despotic.
My boss is an emvoyeur, he keeps interrogating me about my personal life.

That company is an emvoyeur, they got busted for putting cameras in the employee restrooms.

Don't call me at work, my emvoyeur records calls.

Don't talk to Stacey, she sucks up to the emvoyeur.
#employer #boss #manager #supervisor #company #corporation #employee #work #job #camera #surveillance #eavesdropping #spy #voyeur #nosy #privacy invasion #pervert
by BlueDingo June 30, 2011
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