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An emvoyeur is an intrusive, disrespectful employer who has an unhealthy, abnormal desire to invade the privacy of employees.

Two types:

1. A perverted entity (person or company) that places hidden cameras in the restroom, break room or areas of the workplace.

2. A despotic entity (person or company) that wants to know every little detail of your personal life and will spy, snoop, eavesdrop, use electronic surveillance, run unnecessary background checks and credit checks and/or assign ambitious bootlicking colleagues the task of picking your brain in order to obtain information that is none if their damned business.

Many emvoyeurs are both perverted and despotic.
My boss is an emvoyeur, he keeps interrogating me about my personal life.

That company is an emvoyeur, they got busted for putting cameras in the employee restrooms.

Don't call me at work, my emvoyeur records calls.

Don't talk to Stacey, she sucks up to the emvoyeur.
by BlueDingo June 30, 2011
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