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Only the most hillairious movie ever. OMFG!!!! So funny!! If you don't like it, your too serious!! Just RELAX and watch it for pure entertainment! :)
"So I became...bulemic"
"You can read minds?"
by Blue Steel December 31, 2004
A “hoe” who’s sexual appetite transcends that of manual gardening equipment into the realm of motorized copulation.
Christina Anguilera’s a hoe? Fuck that… she’s she’s a rototiller!
by Blue Steel January 06, 2003
Someone who has been engaging in oral sex with an unclean, uncircumcised penis-- in other words, a very sick and dirty person.
Your disgusting! Get out of here smegma breath.
by Blue Steel January 06, 2003
To make a marijuana smoking utensil out of random pieces of junk.
Dude1: Man, I've got some buds but nothing to smoke with.
Dude2: That's fine--we've got a toothpick, some duct tape, and a thimble--I'll just pull a Macgyver.
by Blue Steel January 06, 2003

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