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A game of cricket on the lawn at one's house, or similar location.
During summer we always went outside and played a backyard with a tennis ball.
by Bloopy December 23, 2005
An old beaten-up motorbike, possibly second hand. Owners of motorbikes often affectionately call their crappiest bike 'The Rat'.
It's time I patched up the rat's exhaust pipe.

The rat broke down and I had to push it two miles to get home.
by Bloopy April 09, 2005
When someone is made a total fool of or completely embarrassed. A shorter form of lashed out.
Pete felt really lashed after his ex-girlfriend posted a photo of his tiny penis on the Internet.

I lashed him good son, everyone was laughing!
by Bloopy April 09, 2005
Slang for asphalt, a substance used to surface roads, paths, etc.
We took out some black and fixed all the potholes in town.

We'll need 10 square metres of black to fix that hole.
by Bloopy July 31, 2006
A nickname for Dannevirke, a town in New Zealand.
The Big D is really not very big at all!

We were travelling in the car and I fell asleep for a moment ...and when I woke up I realised I'd completely missed The Big D!
by Bloopy September 22, 2005
To make a fool of or totally embarrass somebody. Shorter form of to lash out someone.
We always lash Jeremy by pulling his pants down during PhysEd class.

Only the master knows how to lash someone like that!
by Bloopy April 09, 2005
Manus is the name of a pedophile, and has subsequently been used as an insult in New Zealand, including on a TV commercial discouraging drunk driving. Hence, calling someone a Manus is like calling them a pedophile.
Oi, you Manus!
Nah, you're a Manus!
by Bloopy September 06, 2006
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