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14 definitions by Blood

Fagan - Irish slang word meaning Penis.
How's your Fagan?
I've a pain in my Fagan with this crap.
by Blood January 07, 2005
83 73
Moonbickie - A mad person.
Irish term for a lunatic.
He's a f**king Moonbickie!
by Blood January 07, 2005
3 0
slang for an asian person. used around chinese food establishments
"damn cattrap almost got me behind that bush."
"notice how there are no cats around, where is the cattrap?"
by blood August 13, 2004
8 11
Sprouts - Slang for Boobs.
Common in Dublin,Ireland.A joke name for Mammory Glands.
Look at the Sprouts on her!
by Blood January 07, 2005
4 16
A very precise battery powered timepiece.
I bought an atomic clock form Sharper Image.
by blood January 26, 2005
1 14
Matt powers is the official playa fo lyfe!!
Whoa Matts got a gf! but hes bangin someone other chick! whata playa i wish i was Matt Powers
by Blood February 24, 2005
6 22
Yak - Heroin,gear,horse.
The drug or a person that uses.
Yak is for fools.
He's a Yak-head.
by Blood January 07, 2005
5 29