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The coolest fucking movie ever.
The movie Saw kicks so much ass.
by Blood November 09, 2004
A lip piercing, much like a labret. This peircing actually travels through one's lip (like the name implies) vertically.
That vertical labret is hot.
by Blood November 01, 2004
A very attractive FHM model.
Hey look it's Vida. *gasm*
by blood December 22, 2004
"Labret Piercing" is redundant. A labret IS a piercing, not a part of the body. See labret
I like the placement of your labret.
by Blood November 01, 2004
Massive - Really good.Something or someone who merits praise.
That party was f**kin Massive.
She's Massive,I'd love to....
by Blood January 07, 2005
Sex in the Navy. Not sex with a navel
Learn to spell God damn it.
by Blood November 01, 2004
Scuttered - Totally drunk,elephants,langered.
Well-gone,so drunk one could sh*t oneself.
I was so scuttered last night that I tried to drive a lampshade.
by Blood January 07, 2005

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