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2 definitions by Blokerama

Heard this a lot when i was a kid in mid-cheshire, probably still is heard a lot. Also used in Sheffield a lot I believe, so the term has an unusual west/east distribution, the pennine hills offering no resistance whatsoever to this one!
Used quite critically and as mild verbal ubuse towards someone who feels the cold easily, like's their comfort, and is a lazy good-for-nothing - the suggestion is, therefore, they must be a 'puffter' or even worse . .
Heard in the depths of mid-winter; & long dark walk ahead:

Bill: 'Comin' down to the shop lad?'

Alan: 'Nah, don't think I'll bother'

Bill: 'What's up with you, yer nesh b**tard!'
by blokerama May 08, 2009
Heard in Mid-Cheshire, England, a lot when I was a kid there. A rural term, so maybe this should be in a 'RuralDictionary' section! 'yoskers' is an insulting term akin to 'peasants' - for example, it refers to farm-workers, or the families that only seem to rear farm-workers.
Q. Where does Bob Turbishley work now? - haven't seen him since school . .

A. Bob? Works down at Ashley's farm - always was a yosker, like all the rest of the Turbishleys . .
by Blokerama February 18, 2012