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in anal sex, this is the deeper part of the rectum where the colon begins. There is a muscle there that like the rectum has to 'open up' and for men who are endowed enough to reach it, feels like hitting 'the second hole' inside the first one.

A term often used by gay men
Let me open up that second hole with this nine.

That nigga with the big dick got all up in the second hole!
by BlkChicago79 March 30, 2006
general term for "the gay community" used by homosexuals when referring to other homosexuals as a group.
"Let's go down to the gay club and see what the kids are doing"

"The kids gave me too much tonight gurl"

by BlkChicago79 March 30, 2006
in anal sex or dirty butt sex, this refers to the results of anal sex without properly clearing the rectum of poop. It's a negative term used most often by gay men.
"I'm never gonna hit that again, he gave me a deal!"

"Did you douche your ass man? Last time you gave me a shitty deal"

"You gotta smell it before you poke it cuz he might be ready to serve up a deal all over yo dick."
by BlkChicago79 March 30, 2006
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