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Vagina clit slit muff etc.
MMMMMuuuMMMM nothin like a sloppy ass pink taco...lets call a pimp see if we goin to the "Pink Taco" stand tonight.
by Blizzlepimp21 December 16, 2003
BVS also referred to as Backflip Vagina Slap.see Backflip Vagina Slap invented by the great BlizzlePimp21 and the also great but not as great as B Man
id like to BVS that skanky ass vagina.
by Blizzlepimp21 December 16, 2003
Male man who be pimpin' all da hoes.owner of "vaginas" "in his bitch stable" price roughly $75.99 an hour for dem good biatches
Mike, Bill, and Kyle be pimpin all da hoes round hear.
shizzle boys shes a nice vagina.
by Blizzlepimp21 December 16, 2003
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