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The ultiment come back, no matter what somone says all you have to say is good and they don't say anything back...I mean what can they say?
Gosh Jordan you such a loser! GOOD!
by Bliton7 May 08, 2006
When someone uses a verbal insult against another person you are to grab the wrist of that person slap their fore arm hard and yell RETRACT which means "take that back" in which the person says simply retract which forgives all things said
Nino is such a Rick (grab, slap) RETRACT!! I retract
by Bliton7 May 08, 2006
Short for appalogise which you can only say in the case of a phisical action
OH sorry i hit you, I appaul
by Bliton7 May 08, 2006

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