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(n.) a particularly malodorous runny, and sticky type of vaginal cheese common to unhygienic women who have never used a douche in thier lives. This substance is frequently found in clumps that may resemble boogers known as cungus wads and may be associated with various fungal infections.
Darlene is a swell girl, but like all of my female cousins, she's got one hell of a cungus problem down there around her cooter.
by Blenderhead71 February 21, 2007
A man who is turned on by pregnant women or one who has sexual intercourse with a woman during the last months of her pregnancy. Fetus fuckers are known to be the leading cause of dimples in children.
Roberto is such a fetus fucker.
by Blenderhead71 February 09, 2007
(n) a particularly artistic variation of the Dirty Sanchez. After reaming a girl's asshole, you pull out your penis and commence giving her the traditional shit moustache with your feces-covered tool, but in this case the fecal material is just runny enough for it to run down either side of her mouth, making a snappy-looking shit goatee.
Bucky gave Wanda a Fu Man Sanchez on the second night of their honeymoon.
by Blenderhead71 March 06, 2007
(n.)A sharp back-handed slap of the hand, done with the index or index and middle finger extended, as if flinging a booger.

(v.) To boogerhook somebody.

boogerhooked boogerhooking

Neil boogerhooked Janice for pinching his scrotum.
by Blenderhead71 February 10, 2007

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