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Any evangelical, particularly of the Baptist faith, who advocates hatred of those who do not subscribe to the strictures of his or her own particular faith. Bapto-fascists are well known for being advocates of neoconservative platforms and frequently extol the benefits of gay-bashing and ethnic cleansing. Of course all of this nonsense is committed in the name of God and Jesus Christ.
The Reverend Tom Cangelo is a prime example of a Bapto-fascist; he hates anybody who doesn't vote Republican and thinks wiping out Muslims is a bad idea.
by Blenderhead1971 July 22, 2008
An activity much like cow-tipping, but instead of cows, thoe that engage in these activities tip the mentally retarded.
Phillip was fired from the last group home he worked at for tard-tipping.
by Blenderhead1971 July 22, 2008
(n.) A really thick mixture, somewhere between cream cheese frosting (possibly French onion dip) and axle grease in consistency and brownish in color, produced in the nether regions of an unhygienic and/ or promiscuous woman's vagina. Frequently only discovered after intercourse and found to be coating your surely-now-diseased pecker. Reportedly this substance smells much like Bass Pro Shops' "Uncle Bucks" Catfish Bait.
I'll never forget that first night with Jennifer. It would have been romantic if I hadn't woken up to my face and penis slathered in her smelly cunt grease. It smelled like dead walrus and took two bottles of Axe bodywash to get the stuff off of me!
by Blenderhead1971 March 08, 2012
(n.) an exceptionally smelly and unwashed vagina
Heather's gank hole would make a garbageman hurl.
by Blenderhead1971 March 08, 2012
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