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A young male (usually gay or Bi) who likes to get wet (in the shower, puddles or mud) as a form of auto-eroticism. With this fetish is usually coupled the desire for the wet jeans to be saggy -- and a penchant for hip brands like DC shoes and good skater jeans.
"I saw a wet kid stomp his DC shoes in a muddy puddle at the corner of Christopher and Bleeker, getting a good splash on his baggy surfer cords."
by BleekerStreetBrian March 02, 2008
An autoerotic or homoerotic activity in which butch gays and bis get their shoes, jeans and even whole selves muddy while pounding tar around town or skating. Mudding is the latest fetish to reveal itself online in a big way. Also called "muddin'."
Derk and Craig always went mudding around The Charles after skating through Cambridge, getting their baggy jeans and Airwalks all dirty and wet.
by BleekerStreetBrian March 02, 2008

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