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There are no defs on here for lesbians to get horny off of, so I think I'll write one.

As I walked in my house thinking about my girlfriend, I thought about how good her pussy tastes and it started to make me horny. I called her up and moaned into the phone, she knew what I wanted. She was at my house in less than five minutes and we soon lost all of our clothes. She rubbed my pussy and it made me so wet, then I started to eat her out. She moaned with pleasure and I licked even harder. Now it's her turn, she flipped me around and in turn ate me out as well. I orgasmed so quickly that I didn't even know what was happening. She started sucking on my tits and I got my vibrator out. It has two sides so we could both use it at once. I stuck it in my pussy and she stuck the other end in her and we turned it on the highest setting. We both spread our legs as far as we could, trying to savor every last minute of it. We were both dripping wet before we had the loudest orgasms I've ever heard. Turns out that she had a friend that wanted to join the party so we let her. We quickly undressed her and watched her with my vibrator, finguring ourselves as we watched. We were all so horny that we started finguring eachother and eating eachother out. It was the best threesome I've ever had in my life.
by BleedingBullet March 31, 2008
Usually teens that have serious problems in their lives. They don't just make stuff up for attention, they all really have problems unless they're just posers. All of them don't cut themselves, actually most don't. Guys usually wear tight jeans and shirts and thick scarves. They also have black hair that is usually pretty long and covers most of their face, which is extrememly hot! Also they are mostly seen wearing black, although they do wear other colors as well. Emo girls can have mostly any color hair but it also usually covers most of their face. They usually wear some kind of striped shirt and fairly tight jeans. Any way you look at emo it's pretty cool and they don't deserve to be treated any differently than anyone else. They can't help it if they have problems in their lives.
emo kids are cool! No they don't all cut themselves so don't think that! It's wrong!!!
by BleedingBullet March 20, 2008
Horny goat weed is an ingredient in some kind of energy drink. This specific spice, if you wanna call it that, is used to make goats horny so that they breed. I think it's one of the main ingredients in monster or one of those well liked energy drinks. Read the labels people!!!
No wonder my friend was horny after he drank that Monster, there's horny goat weed in it!!!
by BleedingBullet March 27, 2008

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