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Pronounced (crossah meh) It means to use a good crossover move on an opponent in a pick up hoop game or on a basketball based video game.
I tried to steal the ball, and then he Crossah Meh!
by Bleazy206 May 07, 2008
Slang originating in Seattle meaning something amazing, incredible, or unbelievable.
Yo man did you see Kevin Durant against the Spurs the other night? Your boy KD is Sic!
by Bleazy206 May 07, 2008
1.Slang from Seattle that is a term of general inquiry.
2. A slang word from Seattle used to create a situation.
1.What is my Ninja, What it do?
2. What's happenin Shorty, What it do?
by Bleazy206 May 07, 2008
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