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IchiHime is the joining of the names Ichigo and Orihime. These are characters from the anime show Bleach. It is one of the most popular Bleach pairings. Most IchiHime fans are lovers of Hime or Ichi,or r Ruki/IchiRuki haters. But as far as iv'e seen, no IchiHime fan as bad-mouthed IchiRukir or Rukia. IchiRuki fans are the immature ones, as i see it.
IchiRuki fan(true comment) - Orihime sucks! shes weak, pathetic, uselss, quite and she dosn't show her feelngs to ichigo!!

IchiHime fan - *insert long essy*

IchiRuki fan - there are still so many gaps in their relationship!!

Me - as all relationships should have!!
by Bleach_Fan March 30, 2008

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