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A tincture made from weed steeped in high proof alcohol. Typically 95% grain alcohol is the best for these purposes.
The resulting drink is a very potent emerald colored liquor that can be diluted in various juices and other drinks to make good shit!
aka green dragon and weedka.
two shots of ganjka, and the stoner was wasted.
by Blazer_of_the_Free_Smoke October 15, 2004
From Middle English eggewode, from Old English ecgwudu (Flaming faggot)
A horrid creature manifested by some demented breeding of man and Edgewood. In almost all cases, sexualities of these "people" are rather questionable. Odds of survival in accidental meeting of one are increased by making lots of noise and scaring it away. May the nonexistant God have pity on you who have seen Edgewood.
"Shut the fuck up, you fucking edgewoodian."
by Blazer_of_the_Free_Smoke March 11, 2004
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