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Anything that changes a person's opinion after watching or reading something from Oprah.
My girlfriend read something in O magazine and now she says I'm an ass. I told her it was all Oprahganda.
by BlazNsadL July 22, 2007
A caucasion that's addicted to tanning booths and doesn't realize they've crossed the line between white and black.
My wife walked in the bedroom last night and all I could see was her eyes !!!
by BlazNsadL June 26, 2005
A penis. Refering to the shape of the head of a penis which resembles a WWII German helmet.
"Oh his little nazi was so cute, I spread my legs and let it storm troop into my Pole Land." ....."After the orgy, all I could think about was Normandy for some reason."
by BlazNsadL June 26, 2005
The act of picking your nose while driving your car. Usually an involuntary urge that happens while driving on a freeway. Symtoms include picking furiously while no cars are driving beside you.
My cell phone can't kill people as well as my finger 3 inches up my nasal cavity
by BlazNsadL June 26, 2005
A drug that causes loss of intelligence coupled with visions of grandeur while chain smoking.
Dude I just ruined my career and alienated my family. Yeah I'm on drugs. I'm high on Charlie Sheen
by BlazNsadL March 03, 2011
1: An atheist that has to let everyone around him know he's an atheist, even though they never asked.
2: An atheist that has to put down all religions to justify his atheism.
I was minding my own business and out of the blue he told me I worship a sky fairy and there's no Heaven. I said sure there is. Then he tells me to go to Hell? How can an atheist tell you to go to Hell if he doesn't believe it exists? What an atheass.
by BlazNsadL November 28, 2010
An adult bookstore that lonely old men jack off in and then try to leave without being seen. Referring to the stickyness of the floor.
I can't believe I walked in there!!! I had to throw away my Nike's because I was afraid they got pregnant, and I can't afford the child support.
by BlazNsadL June 26, 2005

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