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A tuft of hair that sticks up, e.g. after a night's sleep. All other hair is stuck down with either one strand or just a tuft of hair sticking up at the back of the head.

Alternative spelling - Alfalpha, Alphalpha, Alphalfa
"Check out Dave's alfalfa"
by Blaustifft July 14, 2008
Means the same as "dude". Commonly used by Jackass star Steve-o. It's more of a mispronunciation on his part.
"Yeah duden!"
"Holy crap duden!"
by Blaustifft June 21, 2007
Effectively "Mother Cunter", with the first letter of each word switched. Used as a clean way of saying "Mother cunter" without people getting angry, or even knowing what you are saying.

Also used as "cother munting" (Mother cunting).
"You cother munting bastard!"

"Don't be such a cother munter"
by Blaustifft July 14, 2008

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