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2 definitions by Blarney

A lubricating, clear, sticky formula, which cleans the urethra before ejaculation.
You've got cockmoist on me again
by Blarney October 10, 2003
6 3
The usual compromise that is made when a husband (who wants a sports car) and a wife (who wants a grocery getter) buy a car together. It's a good looking car, and decently fast-certainly faster than 90% of the stuff she could have goaded you into buying if she loved you less-but contrary to what people will tell you, it will never outperform a pony car, and even a V6 Mustang will eat it for lunch.
I went and did a 15 on the drag strip in my Grand Prix GTP while I had 30 pounds worth of groceries in the car! Rock on!
by Blarney October 22, 2005
104 316