17 definitions by BlackAttack(TheAfricanAssault)

1.Signature sound of the game Microman, a powerup
2.Missiles that have a homing device or controls to guide them to a target
1.<chorus> Guided Missiles!!
2.I launched guided missiles at my neighbor's dog
1.One of the past tenses of shit, the other being Shitted
2.Somethin a tea-sippin british panzy would say
Having shat, the british man said, 'Tea time pass the crumpets'
1. Opposition to the withdrawal from state or church support, especially the Angelic church of england in the late 19th century
The antidisestablishmentarianist threw a brick through the church window.
1. A yearly games festival held at the house of the host
2. A word where every time it is said, one must gesture
I will see you at 199nam!! <gestures>
1. Pure evil, See Sinister
2. One who is too lazy and tourmented to destroy things
Gyor is a bast0r.
1. A common typo
2. The, spelled in 1337
J00r teh n00bit.
1.A form of powerade that tastes like victory
2.To pull off an awesome dodge
1.I drank a bottle of matrix yeasterday.
2.I matrixed the bullets as the cops shot at me!

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