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5 definitions by Bio

Acronym for Oh My God Shut The Fuck Up you Son Of a Bitch
person 1:cheese!
by bio March 18, 2005
Definition of an obessive WarCraft 3 player. Loses complete touch with reality and has delusions that he or she is an Orc warlord, who regularly tosses Elves off for a living.
That DumbGrunt, he has no life!
by Bio August 23, 2004
A detestable Scottsman.
Ahl hityi oar hied 'caw taughtie, ye dumbgrunt.
by Bio July 27, 2004
An sociopathic anomaly in which one imagines one's self to be the mature female of cattle of the genus Bos, in order to further one's perceived online message board image.

See also Werecows.
Johnny wasn't getting enough attention on the message boards so he began to fancy himself to be a pseudo-bovine.
by Bio April 03, 2005
a stupid fucking idiot that tries to talk shit but is very bad at it
avireX, a stupid e-thug
by bio March 14, 2004