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This is actually known as the "Konami Code", as it appeared in pretty much every game they wrote at that period of time.

Don't forget, make the end of it "Select, Start" if you want to play 2 players!
"FUCK, LifeForce is a real bitch. Let's just Konami Code it... and pass that pizza, asshole."
by Binary Jay November 25, 2004
The prettiest girl ever. Endearingly shy. Aww.
"Sandra when can I see you again?"
by Binary Jay September 06, 2004
Something you say to someone who is joking around with you, causing you to get upset like a little paranoid bitch and drink all of their beer. Usually this is a last resort when your intelligence suffers so badly that you can't think of anything clever to say.
Mike felt like crying like a little baby at Beavermead, so he said "I'll punch you in the face!".
by Binary Jay July 05, 2005
The person in every office who thinks that the most obscure, uninteresting personal details of their sad, sad, lives is of the utmost of importance to all those who work within walking distance of their office. Often interested in Macintosh, Kiss collectibles, and Perms.
"Oh man, Peter really wouldn't shut up this morning about those fractals...."
by Binary Jay August 13, 2004
First born in Scarborough, Ontario. A form of a traditional clinking of beer bottles as one would say "Cheers". First the involved parties clink together the tops of their beer bottles and announce "Tits!", following closely is the clinking of the bottom of the bottles together announced "and Ass!".
"Jay and Alex got drunk doing Tits'n'Ass cheers all afternoon long."
by Binary Jay August 11, 2004
A person who has consumed enough drugs to become incapacitated or otherwise extremely stupid. Especially true if one has consumed large quantities of ketamine, or K.
"Alex is such a nugget."
by Binary Jay August 11, 2004

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