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Someone with a face that is so disgusting, the thought of having sex with them makes you physically sick.
I would totally tap that ass if it wasn't for her benface.

That girl Hannah would be hot if she didn't have a bit of a benface
by Billybob24 May 06, 2009
A game played on the beach, involving digging a large hole then trying to throw or kick a football into the hole from various distances away. The winner of the game is whoever can get the ball into the hole the most times
Jake was terrible at holeball, no mater how hard he tried he could not get his ball into the hole.

Hannah was a natural holeball player, she no problem at all getting the ball into the deep hole whenever she wanted
by Billybob24 April 20, 2011
The kind of girl most men dream of meeting, she is charming, funny, sexy and smart in equal measure.

Sadly for most men she only has eyes for young emo boys, so she leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever she goes
I met a girl at the bar last night, she was totally an Emo Princess. I think i'm in Love.......
by Billybob24 April 20, 2011
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