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A clock work based band from Austin Texas. They do drugs. I hang out with them at a show and they were talking about speed
You'll live and you'll die for the LCB army
by BillyBoy Billy goat October 27, 2004
The best book and movie ever made. It's about a moral ppunk named Alex. Alex and his three droogs ;Pete Dim Gergoie. they dress in all white suits and bowler hats abd cod pieces.They go out for a bit of the old ultra violence. and one night his droogs betray him and hit him in the face with a bottle and leave him there(this is after Alex just killed some lady) then he gets put in jail. He get in this rehab program and it turns him againgst every thing he loves. He get out of jail and goes home to find his mom rents his room out. So hes on the streets and he runs into two of his old droogs. Dim and George, they beat him up and then alex goes back to the house of one of the people him and his droogs prefromed some of the old ultra-violence on back in the day. He goes there and the guy has no idea it is him until he is singing in the bath. The guy locks him in this room and play beethvon (at the rehab they trun ALEX AGAINST BEETHVON)Alex jumps out the window and nearly kills himself back at the hospital he get cured so he likes ultra-violence.....THE END
I'm singing in the rain
just singing in the rain
Well if isn't fat stiking billyboy billygoat in poison. How are thou, thou globby bottlr of cheap chipper oil. Come get one in the yarbles, if you gotten any yarbles.
by BillyBoy Billy goat October 27, 2004

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