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The term used to define the total mass of hairs on a body. Martyn Balfour is a good example of this phenonemon when all hair is overgrown and past the stage of "razor bladable" to cut. May result in loss of skin and extreeme head lice
Marytn Balfour is hairy
by Billy No Legs April 09, 2003
Somebody who, over regular methods of rehydration, would prefer to gently suck the hairs from beneath the arm, leading to a smelly, but refreshing, drink!
Are you an Armpit Sucker?
by Billy No Legs April 09, 2003
The noise wrote to determine the sound you and your stomach makes when you vomit. Warning, may contain carrots and digestive buiscuits
*Brahl!* Shit, Is that a rotweiller in my puke?
by Billy No Legs April 09, 2003
A Iraqi leader who will soon be non existant if Americans continue to bomb the FUCK out of Iraq.
Saddam Hussain is my father
by Billy No Legs April 09, 2003

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